Director, Gujarat Social
Infrastructure Development



The Human Development concept evolved in the 1980s in response to the increasing emphasis on economic growth as a measure of development. It places human beings at the core of development and emphasizes that people’s development is an end in itself and not a means for development. Centre to human development are participation, especially of the vulnerable sections in the process of change and equity in development gains.

Human Development is about people, about expanding their choices to live full, creative lives with freedom and dignity. Economic growth, increased trade and investment, technological advancement are all very important. But they are means, not ends. Fundamental to expanding human choices is building human capabilities : the range of things that people can be. The most basic capabilities for human development are living a long and healthy life, being educated, having a decent standard of living and enjoying political and civil freedoms to participate in the life of one’s community.

Inspired by the Global Human Development Report published by UNDP in 1990, Regional, National and State level HDRs have been the main vehicles for bringing the human development agenda closer to the people. Various initiatives have been taken up in this direction in Gujarat as early as in 1999 by setting up Gujarat Social Infrastructure Development under the chairmanship of the Humble Chief Minister to bring improvement in the Human Development of the State.
To supplement the efforts of the State Government, the Planning Commission and UNDP have extended its support under the project- "Strengthening State Plans for Human Development (SSPHD)". The State Government has signed MOU with UNDP and Planning Commission on 7th November 2006 to implement UNDP sponsored Human Development Programme in the State.

With a view to improve Standard of living for the public at large in a State, to satisfy their basic need, to carry out programmes for the social services, health, education, woman, and child welfare, labour welfare, environment ,water supply and cleanliness, social welfare, rural housing and cottage industry etc. So that the human development index can be taken up. In order to fulfill various objectives, State Government has decided to establish a “Gujarat Social Infrastructure Development Society – GSIDS” in Gujarat as an Autonomous Body.

The State Government has passed resolution no. SAB/102006/1699/S dated 14/03/2007 to set up Gujarat Social Infrastructure Development Society and issued above resolution.

The state Government after careful consideration, is pleased to resolve the setting up of “Gujarat Social Infrastructure Development Society – GSIDS” as an Autonomous Body under the provisions of the Societies Registration Act, 1860 and Bombay Public Trust Act, 1950 vide GAD’s resolution no. SAB- 102006-1699-S dated 12th April, 2007.