Director, Gujarat Social
Infrastructure Development


Initiatives taken by GSIDS
Initiatives taken by the State Government regarding
Human Development in the State.
In order to strengthen various basic amenities either area based or population based, the Social and Community Programmes are required to be geared up at State level as well as district level so as the life of the people can be improved, Additional efforts in important sectors like health, education, women & child welfare, labour, environment, water supply, and sanitation, social welfare, rural housing, village & cottage industries etc. are required to bring significant improvement in the Human Development of the State. With a view to achieve the above mentioned objectives, various initiatives have been taken by the State Government as under :
(1)Setting up of Gujarat Social Infrastructure Development Society
With a view to bring significant improvement m the Director, GSIDS of the State, the Human Development has been constituted under the chairmanship of Hon'ble Chief Minister, vide GR dated 30-11-1999.
(2)Setting up of Executive Committee of Gujarat Social Infrastructure Development Society
For implementation and monitoring of the measures suggested by the Gujarat Social Infrastructure Development Society(GSIDS) an Executive Committee under the chairmanship of the Chief Secretary has been constituted vide Resolution No. PRC/1099/1162/J, Dt. 16/12/1999
(3)State Human Development Report
The first Human Development Report of Gujarat, titled "Gujarat Human Development, 2004" was brought out in 2005 by Mahatma Gandhi Labour Institute, Ahmedabad in collaboration with Centre for Development Alternatives (CFDA), Ahmedabad. This report shows that Gujarat has to further re-orient its development process to ensure that its economic growth improves the opportunities in the lives of all socio economic groups in the State. It recommends to strengthen the linkage between economic growth and human development. It also identifies critical areas for interventions at different levels and in diverse sectors for promoting human development in the state.
(4)MoU with UNDP and Planning Commission
State Government signed MoU with UNDP and Planning Commission on 7th November 2006 to implement the GOI- UNDP project on strengthening State Plan for Human Development (SSPHD). This project has been successfully completed by the end of December, 2009.
(5)Setting up Statistical cell for functioning of Gujarat Social Infrastructure Development Society
A "Statistical Cell" comprising of Director, Joint Director, Research Officer (8), Research Assistant (6) and Statistical Assistant (6) from the economics and statistical cadre has been set up vide Resolution No. SAB/1020O6/1337/S Dt. 17/02/2007, for the work of compilation, analysis, tabulation, etc. of the data related to various sectors of Human Development. This cell has been named as Directorate of Human Development and it has been declared as Head of Deportment w.e.f 12th August. 2008
(6)Setting up of Steering Committee for Co-ordination with UNDP
A Steering Committee under the chairmanship of the Chief Secretary has been constituted vide Resolution No. SAB/102007/339/S, Dt. 2/3/2007 to co-ordinate with UNDP and Planning Commission of government of India and to submit all the proposals to UNDP after obtaining sanction of the steering committee along with the recommendation of the same.
(7)Setting up of Gujarat Social Infrastructure Development Society
With a view to improve the standard of living for the public at large in the state, to satisfy their basic needs, to carry out programs of social services like health, education, woman and child welfare, labour welfare, environment, water supply & cleanliness, social welfare, rural housing and cottage industry etc.. State Government has established “Gujarat Social Infrastructure Development Society (GSIDS)” vide GR No. SAB-102006-1699-S Dated 12th April, 2007.
(8)Seeking services of Senior Project Associates cum Consultants/Senior Project Associates for Gujarat Social Infrastructure Development Society
With a view to avail services of the Senior Project Associates cum Consultants/Senior Project Associates in carrying out comparative study of other states and to collect statistical data, to take reformatory actions, to chalk out strategy thereon, to shape time bound future planning of state and to strengthen various activities related to human development, Govt. has appointed four Senior Project Associates cum Consultants/four Senior Project Associates.
(9)Appointment of National UN Volunteers
Three NUNVs ( National UN Volunteers ) were appointed by UNDP far Gujarat State under the project to help the State Govt. in implementation of the project and co-ordination with UNDP and Planning Commission.
(10)A Booklet "An Introduction on Human Development (with key Indicators)" has been published by the Director, GSIDS for distribution among the Government officials to sensitise them on the concept of Human Development Gujarati version of this publication has also been prepared and published.
(11)A Booklet on "Guidelines for Preparation on projects for Socio-Economic Development - 30 Developing Talukas" has been published by Director, GSIDS. This booklet provides 15 indicators on Human Development. The Development of these talukas is one of the most important goals for Government of Gujarat Removal of persistence backwardness is a difficult task, which the Government has a taken up as a challenge.
(12)A Booklet on "Guidelines for Preparation on projects for Socio-Economic Development - Sagarkhedu Sarvangi Vikas Vojana" has been published by Director, GSIDS. This booklet attempts to develop a strategy with a clear objective to develop the Coastal region in certain indicators particularly related to Director, GSIDS. It is a time bound innovative plan to implement the Twelve Point Programme. In many coastal talukas the indicators pertaining to human development are weak and are to be given priority. The guidelines and the data will be useful as o handy source to reference for taluka level planning by the concerned department and eventually assist in raising the HDI of the State.
(13)District Human Development Report
Phase I:The preparation of DHDR for five selected Districts viz. Jamnagar, Surendranagar, Surat, Sabarkantha and The Dangs was entrusted to three Universities and two Research Institutes under GOI-UNDP project on SSPHD. The Drafts of DHDRs of all Selected five districts are ready and the same are in the process of finalization.
(14)For preparation of District Human Development Reports. the State organized a workshop on preparation of DHDRs on 19th and 20th September, 2008. The objective of the workshop was to initiate the preparation of District Human Development Report for the five selected districts and also to discuss various issues related to data availability and types of data gaps. It also aimed to orient the stake holders (Research Institutes and Universities) regarding the sampling methodology to be adopted and certain uniformity in the reports having certain common chapters and adopting participatory approach.
(15)Under the component of Capacity Building programe of GOI-UNDP project on SSPHD. 60 Training classes were conducted and 1735 officers were sensitized on Human Development.
(16)Under advocacy component : 33 Drama shows were organized covering all 26 Districts of the State during December, 2009.
(17)The Debates and Seminars were organized at college level in Surendranagar and Surat Districts.
(18)The following research studies / impact assessment third party evaluation studies / analytical reports have been undertaken :
  • Evaluation of Mid Day Meal (MDM) Scheme in Gujarat (Gandhinagar, Valsad, Surat, Navsari, Vadodaro district).
  • Livelihood study of Sakhimandal-SWOT Analysis. (Sabarkantha & Surendranagar district)
  • Socio-Economic Status of Unorganized Labourers in Construction Sector.
  • A follow up study complementing the Pilot Survey on Migration.
  • Impact Assessment of Window Financial Assistance Scheme of Gujarat.
  • Impact Assessment of Joint Forest Management (JFM) in Gujarat and its Cross district analysis.
  • Impact Assessment of Development projects in Forest Settlements in Gujarat,
  • Integrated Village Development Plan-Kaprada village Taluka & District valsad.
  • Feasibility study for setting up APMC / Market yard-Nana Pondha village, Kaprada Taluka , Valsad District.
  • Reasons for out of school in the blocks having maximum rate of out of school children and remedial strategies to minimiz it.
  • Present status of Human Development in 30 Developing Talukas
  • Role of Soy Fortified Wheat Atta in Improving Nutritional Status in Vulnerable Population(Six districts from all regions)
  • Development of communication strategy on Save Water & Save Electricity campaign, targeting rural for the state of Gujarat(Phase-1).
  • Socio – Economic Impact Assessment for Forest and non Forest programmes in Tribal Districts (Gujarat) (Six Tribal Districts-Banaskantha, Sabarkakantha, Panchmahal, Dahod, Narmada, and Tapi).
  • Current Socio-Economic Status of the Most Deprived among the Scheduled Caste Communities: A Study with Human Development Perspective.
  • Evaluation of Mid-Day Meal Scheme in Western and North-East Regions of Gujarat
  • Development in Selected Developing Talukas and Adjoining Developed Talukas in State of Gujarat.
  • Evaluation : “ MCH services in Gujarat: A Rapid Household survey ” in 26 districts of Gujarat (26 districts of Gujarat State).
  • Impact Assessment of Krushi Mahotsav in Gujarat (2005-2010).
  • Retrospective and concurrent evaluation and monitoring of the ‘ School Health Programme’/ ‘ School Health Week’ in Gujarat (Phase-1) (26 districts of Gujarat State).
  • Evaluation of Mid-Day Meal Scheme in Central and Southern Regions of Gujarat
  • Preparation of proposal for Planing Commission on Construction of Nand Ghars in Gujarat
  • The Study to recise/Modify the format of "Socio-Economic Review, Gujarat Satae"(Budget Publication)
  • Evaluation cum Documentation of initiatives in Public Private Partnership(PPP) Under Rashtriya Krishi Vikas Yojana(RKVY) in Gujarat
  • Evaluation of the Efficacy of Fair Price Shops and Anna Purna Yojana of Gujarat
(19)To Strengthen State Statistical System for Human Development following Survey/Study have been taken up :
  • Baseline surveys regarding availability of Social Infrastructure in the selected districts.
  • Pilot studies regarding, availability of basic statistics and data gaps at District level for Human Development in the selected districts.
(20)District level workshops on preparation of DHDR were organized at Himatnagar. Surat & Dangs to sensitise the District administration.
(21)A booklet titled “માનવ વિકાસના આધાર સ્‍તંભો’’ has been published. It contains the details regarding various efforts mode by the State Government in the social sectors related to GSIDS to raise HDI of the state.
(22)A pamphlet on "માનવ વિકાસ - વિકાસનો સાચો માપ દંડ" has been published and distributed during the performance of dramas at 33 different places to sensitise the people on GSIDS.
(23)Phase II: The districts namely Tapi,Panchmahal, Bharuch, Banaskantha and Kheda have been selected for preparing district human development report in 2011. The draft reports for the same is under progress.
(24)Phase III: Additional four districts namely Kachchh, Dahod, Gandhinagar and Narmada have been selected for preparing district human development report in the year 2012-13.