Director, Gujarat Social
Infrastructure Development
Board Society
Kum. S. AparnaKum. S. Aparna
Principal Secretary (Planning and Chairperson GSIDBS)

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Select List of SPAC-SPA 4th March 2014 New
Request for Proposal (RFP) for Preparation of Consolidated Document for Social Sector of Gujarat State.The last date of submission of RFP has been 15th March 2014 New
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Vision Statement

Gujarat aims at becoming a model state on all fronts of Human Development. Together we shall create a state, which would stand out for its achievements in agriculture, infrastructure, industry, and last but not the least, human development. This should make Gujarat a benchmark for development not only for all other states in India but also for other developing countries. Every single person in the State of Gujarat irrespective of gender, caste or creed would-

Be literate and healthy
Have shelter and clean environment
Have drinking water and sanitation.
Be gainfully employed
Be able to live without fear
Have equal opportunities

Health and Nutrition
Social Welfare
"The educated differ from the
uneducated as much as
the living from the
dead." -Aristotle
Sarve Santu Niramayi...
"Nirogi Balak -
Nirogi Gujarat"

Women Empowerment
Water Supply
"Let us give her a step on the
earth, the woman will
reach the sky"
"Want to provide a home to
every family, this is the firm
determination of us"
"Drinking Water for all.
"Save Water,
Secure Future"

Employment & Training
"Clean Gujarat,
Healthy Gujarat"
"Clean Gujarat,
Green Gujarat"
"Every hand will be given
employment, Gujarat will become
prosperous by that"